ShortPixel Image Compress Best WordPress Plugin & Tools

ShortPixel Image Compress Best WordPress Plugin & Tools, but we want to make it, even more, easier for you. That’s why we wrote this short guide so you could start optimizing right away.


Increment your site’s SEO positioning, number of guests and eventually your deals by streamlining any picture or PDF archive on your site.

ShortPixel is a simple to utilize, lightweight, introduce and-forget-about-it picture advancement module that can pack all your past pictures and PDF records with a solitary snap. New pictures are consequently resized/rescaled and upgraded on the fly, out of sight.

Make an instant image compression test on your site or compress some images to make sure they are to your liking.

How to get your ShortPixel API key

(if you already have an API key, skip this step)

1. Access this page:
2. Add your email address and click Sign-up.
3. Copy your API key and keep it safe.

Image result for shortpixel image sign in

The free record enables you to decrease the sizes of 100 pictures and thumbnails for each month. In the event that you require more picture advancement credits, you could purchase monthly and one-time plans accordingly to your needs.

ShortPixel Options and Settings:

Before you streamline any pictures, you should pause for a minute to design your settings. There are a few choices to browse, so how about we quickly address every one.

Picture Compression Type

Lossy is the best alternative for the most clients. The pictures prepared with Lossy calculations are the littlest enhanced pictures you can get. Thus, if the speed of your site is vital and you need the best harmony amongst streamlining and picture quality, we prescribe you to keep on using Lossy advancement.

Glossy is the best decision in the event that despite everything you think about Google Insights yet you trust that a slight loss of page speed is a satisfactory bargain for a first class picture quality.

Lossless advanced pictures are pixel-by-pixel indistinguishable with the firsts, yet they offer a littler size decrease contrasted with either Lossy or Glossy handled documents. On the off chance that you need your pictures to stay untouched, at that point select this choice.

Image Compression:

This is the fundamental motivation behind the ShortPixel module; to pack and enhance your images. You have 3 levels of compression to browse, so you can improve for expanded page stack times, or hold somewhat more image quality. It’s totally up to you.

Bulk Image Optimization:

Need to retroactively advance a cluster of images that you’ve just transferred? Forget about it. Utilize ShortPixel’s bulk optimization highlight. You have two choices:

  • Select a modest bunch of images to advance in bulk
  • Bulk advance each and every image in your Media Library

I cherish their instinctive interface for bulk advancing images. You can:

  • See precisely what number of images presently can’t seem to be enhanced
  • See a breakdown of unique images versus auto-made thumbnail sizes

What’s more, you can even bulk reestablish your whole Media Library in the event that you need to set all images back to their unique variants.

Free Version
Limited to 100 images/mo.
Includes all features
Pro Version
Monthly plans starting at 5,000 images/mo.
One-time plans to start at 10,000 images (never expires)


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