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Get Free Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugin 2018

GA Google Analytics:

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GA Google Analytics plugin empowers Google Analytics for your whole WordPress site. Lightweight and quick with a lot of awesome highlights. It is a lightweight plugin that embeds the required GA following code. To see your site insights, visit your Google Analytics account.

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MonsterInsights enable you to interface your WordPress site with Google Analytics, so you can perceive how guests find and utilize your site, so you can hold them returning. Basically, we demonstrate to you the details that issue. At MonsterInsights, client encounter is our #1 need. That is the reason we make it to a great degree simple for you to interface and view your Google Analytics reports from inside your WordPress dashboard. Our following settings and work processes make MonsterInsights the most novice benevolent google examination module in the market.

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Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:

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This Google Analytics for WordPress plugin empowers you to track your site utilizing the most recent Google Analytics following code and enables you to see enter Google Analytics details in your WordPress introduce.

Notwithstanding an arrangement of general Google Analytics details, top to bottom Page reports and inside and out Post reports permit encourage division of your analytics information, giving performance subtle elements to each post or page from your site.

The Google Analytics following code is completely adaptable through alternatives and snares, permitting propelled information gathering like custom measurements and occasions.

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Analytify makes Google Analytics straightforward for wherever in WordPress (posts, pages and custom post writes). It displays the measurements from Google Analytics delightfully under the WordPress Posts/Pages at front end, backend and in its own Dashboard. Presently you can get Google Analytics Dashboard inside your WordPress Dashboard inside a moment.

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WD Google Analytics :

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WD Google Analytics is an adaptable site following apparatus, that will help you effectively convey your Google Analytics reports to the WordPress dashboard. This easy to use module will enable you to get up and coming reports on your site execution , think about measurements, track and screen focused on client exercises. The module adds a far reaching and simple to peruse dashboard to your WordPress administrator board, where you can track and control everything that is going on your site. Notwithstanding the pre-fabricated Analytics reports, the module gives you a chance to acquire custom reports on different measurements and measurements, and in addition gives eCommerce, Adsense and Adwords reports. The reports come in exhaustive outlines with probability to trade in PDF or CSV positions.

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WP Google Analytics Events:

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The WP Google Analytics Events plugin enables you to send events to Google Analytics when a client looks to a state of enthusiasm on your site or clicking components on the page, for example, catches or Ajax submit frames. Events is typically done by composing JavaScript code, and that isn’t the WordPress way. We made this plugin, so you can utilize this component without composing a line of code.

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Analytics Cat:

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Analytics Cat – Google Analytics is a lean, quick, basic, nitty gritty approach to include your Google Analytics/Universal Google Analytics code to your WordPress site. This swell free, basic Google Analytics WordPress module doesn’t include huge amounts of highlights. Rather, Analytics Cat – Google Analytics essentially centers around giving you a chance to include your Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) Code to your site in under 2 minutes, without backing your site off.

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AFS Analytics:

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AFS Analytics built up a calculation ready to recuperate progressively the watchwords utilized by every guest. Dissect your guest conduct and see how to enhance your site content. Computerized Event Tracking cliks, download, video, shape, scroll profundity, and so on. AFS Web Analytics apparatus offers both of you constant reports ceaselessly refreshed. The ongoing dashboard shows your site measurements into a solitary page. The “At the present time” report enables you to screen the present action on your site.

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Google Analytics Counter Tracker:

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Google analytics counter tracker – break down the guests hits on you landing page and show it graphically.

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